WireX Simplify Alert Triage

Remove complexities involved in validating security alerts

The Problem

Security skills shortage is a major bottleneck to efficient investigations

Most organisations today lack the manpower, visibility and tools needed to effectively investigate security alerts triggered by their own solutions

The traditional approach of correlating events from different sources using SIEM is an important step in prioritising investigations, but trying to understand if the threat is real through log data is rarely enough

To add to the problem, performing a detailed analysis using traditional forensics tools requires advanced skillsets that not all team members possess

Security teams are often faced with the choice of ignoring the alert or devoting valuable resources for manually drill down into the packet-level data to try to better understand what happened

The WireX Solution

Empowers front-line responders to make faster and more informed decisions

The WireX Network Forensics Platform (NFP) allows security professionals at all levels to gain instant understanding into the full story of what happened before, during and after an alert

WireX NFP removes the need to manually examine network sessions and provides immediate access to a complete source of intelligence including application contents and user activities

Their intuitive query interface, case management and built-in integration with SIEM and enrichment tools, dramatically shorten investigation time and provide security teams with the ability to react quickly and accurately to cyber-attacks

Make Alert Validation Easy

Removes skill set barriers so that security professionals at all levels can quickly validate threats, handle more complex investigations and escalate fewer tickets

Fully Utilize Your Existing Security Investments

Instant understanding of security alerts triggered by your SIEM, Next Gen Firewalls, threat prevention and breach detection systems

Provides Complete Source of Intelligence

Gain complete and immediate visibility into application contents and user activities within your network

Integration with SOC Tools and Workflows

Integration with leading SIEM and external enrichment tools, as well as forensics case management. Provides robust business process for sharing knowledge across team members