WireX Mitigate Data Theft

Content-level visibility to determine the full extent of data exfiltration attempts

The Problem

Sensitive data can leak quickly and loss remain undetected for months

The diversity and volume of digital communications brings enormous challenges to how organisations protect their information

Either maliciously or accidentally, sensitive data can leak quickly and the loss remain undetected for months

To determine the extent of a breach, security teams need to establish continuous visibility into data moving in, out, and between devices within the network

However, globally used applications – including social apps, file sharing, business services and many more – are becoming active loopholes in today’s monitoring solutions

Furthermore, currently available solutions can’t scale in bandwidth or capacity to support the growing enterprise infrastructure

As a result, organisations are not adequately equipped to answer critical questions when information leakage occurs

This gap in capabilities may lead to greater business loss and exposure to more serious liability risks

The WireX Solution

Complete visibility into application contents and user activities across the network

The WireX Network Forensics Platform (NFP) delivers the vital visibility and scalability for monitoring information assets traversing the enterprise network, so that security teams can easily understand; when data was accessed, by whom, where it traveled to, and what was in it

By combining powerful monitoring capabilities with unique analysis technology, the WireX NFP ensures optimal content-level visibility at both the perimeter and the infrastructure

Security teams can review the precise data transmitted over the network, including emails and chats, file transfers and Web activities, while at the same time zoom-in to business transactions and file retrievals within the core network

Fully Leverage Existing DLP Solutions

Conduct effective investigations allowing you to identify the means and methods used during data exfiltration attempts

Eliminate Blind Spots

Complete visibility into network data, application content and user activity, with the ability to add analysis plug-ins for homegrown applications

Deployed Anywhere, Monitor Anything

Distributed architecture, able to monitor 100 Gbps networks, including the data center, perimeter and the corporate LAN, with flexible deployment options

Real-Time Content Extraction

Reconstruct application payloads such as file transfers, emails and chats, database transactions, search queries, remote desktop sessions and more