WireX Custom Application Visibility

Remove the security gaps from your business-critical applications

The Problem

Custom apps often are inadvertent security gaps

Organisations often develop custom applications to support their IT infrastructure in cases where off-the-shelf software cannot meet their specialised business needs

Unfortunately, security teams are left with little to no visibility into these critical applications

This is true also for custom applications running over standard protocols, such as Web, as today’s monitoring solutions are not designed to deal with activities that are unique to every application, including actions performed by the user and how data is being used

These gaps in visibility result in exposure to threats, ranging from advanced attacks infiltrating your network, to employees misusing their privileges and compromising your sensitive assets

The WireX Solution

Learn your custom homegrown applications to remove your blind spots

The WireX solution provides clarity into parts of the infrastructure that were not visible to security and IT teams before

Besides continuously analysing enterprise applications, WireX makes monitoring of custom applications easy by creating new analysis plugins for the individual enterprise

This allows security teams to gain greater visibility and context into the core network, with details on users, activities and data

Custom applications could include billing and accounting systems, online payments, storage, database, information management applications and many more

Visibility Tailored for Your Needs

WireX learns your internal and homegrown network applications to provide visibility and context into your core network

Intuitive Search Within Application Activities

Explore the actions made within standards as well as your homegrown applications such as user logins, transferring files, messaging and search queries

Seamless updates to support ongoing changes

Automatically follow up with protocol and application changes without requiring manual intervention

Maintains Compliance for Regulatory Standards

Clear and granular audit trail of users, activities and data within custom applications