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is a catch all term and takes many forms

Security is the sate of being free from danger or threats, or the safety of a state or organisation against criminal activity such as terrorism, theft, or espionage

The solutions on this page are relevant to cyber security – protecting your organisation and it’s sensitive data from attack.  Helping you to triage and remediate issues.  Hiding real data ‘in plain sight’ and allowing data protection officers more peace of mind

Fieldhouse Solutions Limited offers software and hardware as managed services solutions

data masking with Jumble DB.  Is a data masking / data scrambling solution that provides end to end masking / obfuscating for ALL clients’ data needs.  Specifically useful for non-production environments and de-sensitising data


data shredding from Stash Global.  Is a revolution in data security.  It turns data into unreadable, unstealable DigitalConfetti™.  This is security that doesn’t need a fence – this security stays with the data 


data forensics from Wirex Systems.  Eliminates the heavy lifting of data analysis and automates investigation procedures, so that security professionals at all levels can understand and resolve incidents quickly and effectively



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