JumbleDB is a

customisable, data masking / data scrambling solution that provides end to end masking / obfuscating for ALL clients’ data needs


Its project-oriented approach

helps lower database masking project costs by providing sophisticated and simple to use tools that locates and masks (or scrambles) sensitive data, in non-production environments

The main challenge

in data masking projects is how to fully discover sensitive data and its’ referential integrity relations

JumbleDB offers

a unique detection module to map sensitive data across your on and off premise infrastructure

Oracle, SQL-Server, MySQL and DB2 (non-mainframe) wherever inter-related can all be masked using this powerful, flexible and simple to deploy tool


Key Differentiators

Data Classification – Built-In Comprehensive Dictionary

JumbleDB has a comprehensive unique built-in mechanism which analyzes data based on rules and patterns and classifies it accordingly to pre-determined categories. This mechanism comes with a set of built-in data patterns and can be further customized, modified and add endless additional patterns and rules to match customer’s unique data and business needs

Time-to-Market – Rapid Installation and Deployment

JumbleDB is all about saving end-user’s time. We understand that the most precious asset nowadays is time, so the entire solution was developed to be as automated as possible with several mind blowing gems. It begins with a 3 minutes installation process of both server software and client software, it then continues to the fully automated (but yet highly customizable) data detection and classification phase and culminating with the scrambling phase which can be run repeatedly as a job or as a web-service without any user intervention

Simplicity and Efficiency by Design

As previously described, JumbleDB is designed to be a simple yet comprehensive solution for the entire data classification and scrambling project. It is also designed to be very efficient in both aspects so that the classification and scrambling phases would be both automated “hands-free” activities and highly performant so that the time-slot allocated for each phase would be as minimal as possible

Flexible and Customizable

JumbleDB data detection, classification and masking are all flexible and extensible. It means that the customer can enjoy out-of-the-box pre-loaded patterns and methods as well as write their own customized logics as per their organization’s policies. Adding and modifying patterns and methods can be done in several ways, such as, using a built-in tool to add/modify logic and writing database stored procedures and connecting them to JumbleDB or even write regular expressions for detection and classification

Better Performance – In-Place Masking (vs. ETL/Cloning)

Performance is at the heart of our minds. JumbleDB is designed to use databases sole resources when scrambling data. It is achieved by using an “In-Place Masking” as opposed to extracting data outside of the database, masking it and pushing it back to the database. This methodology allows JumbleDB to (A) Avoid transporting data over a network; (B) Avoid needing a server with high CPU, RAM and DISK resources; and (C) Using each database’s unique technology for data manipulation with minimal footprint such as minimal logging, pre- allocation of storage and re-index data and constraint enforcement once all data is loaded

Intelligent Masking Preview

At the heart of a masking project is the scrambling operation itself. As this operation modifies the entire dataset, it is a considerably longer operation than the user would like to wait for in order to affirm that the scrambling method is yielding the expected requested result. For that reason, JumbleDB has a preview functionality which demonstrates the output of the entire operation on a very small subset of the data

Multiple Database Support

JumbleDB is the only masking solution most organizations need, as it supports multiple database vendor such as, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, DB-LUW and PostgreSQL. The roadmap of the product covers additional databases including NoSQL ones

Cross Database Masking

JumbleDB is designed to keep referential integrity whether it is enforced by foreign key constraints or logically specified by the end-user. This functionality can be also used to keep scrambled data consistent between tables on different databases and even different tables on different database technologies such as Oracle and MSSQL

Comprehensive Alert

JumbleDB can automatically sense that production data has leaked into an already scrambled database and can alert the end-user in such a case. This mechanism is configurable to allow users to set the minimum threshold to consider the leakage as dangerous and that the new data in the target database should be scrambled

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