Introduction to WireX Systems

WireX Contextual Capture Technologies

“After implementing WireX, we realised extraordinary benefits in accuracy, visibility, and control of our security environment. Events that required my staff to put hands on a device have dropped to zero and what would have previously been undiscovered has been identified, categorised and acted on swiftly and decisively.”

See what they did and how they did it with WireX

WireX Systems was founded in 2010 and they come to us having served decades in the fields of specialist digital and voice security interception and detailed security forensic investigation

Their main focus in business is AUTOMATING forensic security

Going from “suspicion to facts” in MINUTES

Customers love

WireX because it is easy to use, simple to administer, scalable and flexible and is in some of the most demanding networks around the globe

WireX Systems is a network forensics company that has redefined security investigation techniques

The company was founded in 2010 to deliver cutting-edge security forensics systems for intelligence agencies across the globe

Today, leading enterprises choose WireX Systems as a key component in their forensics infrastructure to accelerate incident response, mitigate data theft and simplify responding to the magnitude of security alerts they must action every day

The company

is headed by seasoned security experts and enterprise IT veterans from IDF/8200, Nice Systems, HP and Check Point Software Technologies

WireX is financially-backed by Magma Venture Partners, Vertex Venture Capital, Entrée Ventures, Mickey Boodaei, Rakesh Loonkar and Idan Plotnik

How it works

is based all around a concept called ‘contextual capture’ that is continually translating packets into human readable information


Click here (opens new tab) for an animation how contextual capture works versus traditional packet capture technologies (and how QUICKLY the data you NEED can be accessed and read by a HUMAN)


Let’s consider a story.  There’s an employee that we suspect received some malicious content (email, bad IP address, malicious website, malicious virus in a file).  Problem is, this was received over 6 months ago

With traditional packet capture, you’d probably not have access that far back in time (because it is costly).  With WireX, you can because WireX is less of a cost and is automated almost from the get-go

WireX can see the fully rendered email that was received, and as a ‘snapshot’

WireX sees the To, CC, Bcc etc, any embedded URL’s, all of the text and everything is displayed to the security team as human readable (and not continual captures of zeros and ones – that require clunky and time consuming investigation)

Additionally, any attached file can be executed safely (right click into the WireX sandbox)


that WireX does is designed around making the process of investigation easier, faster and more accessible to SOC team staff (of all levels)


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