Central Government Department and Agencies are the targets of an accelerating and full range of cyber attacks. Adversaries include hackers/hacktivists, malicious insiders, nation state actors, criminals and organized crime and terrorists.

Their tools range from bots and “copy from the web” scripts to sophisticated zero day vulnerabilities.

And their impact can be severely damaging both to agencies’ ability to operate and public confidence in government.

This is a big challenge because of the huge volume of threats that agencies face on a daily basis and the scale of the potential consequences if successful.

The scale of the data sets held by government, and their significance for adversaries, was illustrated by the theft of over 22 million federal employees’ background investigation records from the US Office for Public Management.

Government information security leaders have to operate in a complex environment of numerous systems, aging infrastructure, skill shortages and funding constraints.

They are also required by law to keep data for long periods, in the case of Archives for hundreds of years. STASH is a key partner for government to keep data securely stored and shared. Its focus on keeping the treasured data secure and resilient significantly reduces the risks inherent in defending complex and aging systems.

STASH’s unique authentication and encryption processes slash the risk of insider access to key data.

Its secure data repositories are not vulnerable to ransomware.

STASH has developed trustworthy digital repository technology and processes to ensure the storage and retrieval of viable data over many decades.

STASH is an essential partner for the data integrity challenges of the government sector.

Whether you want to keep things to yourself or share with others, STASH delivers the most secure products to meet your need. In a world of Open Networks and Bring Your Own Device, we focus on the crown jewels. On the data – citizen records, staff records, mission records. On what really matters to citizens, staff and oversight. And we can look after it if it is digital or needs to be converted from paper and film.

Keep your valuable data locked in the STASH Digital SafeTM or share it securely with others with our Armoured CourierTM. Securely back up your data with STASHBackTM. Archive your data for

decades and use it on demand with STASH HibernateTM – address the challenge of digitized data required to be held for decades. All our data security products are the most impactful encryption and privacy tools – developed to protect the actual data bytes instead of just the perimeter. And they are quick and easy to use.

“As computer technology has advanced, federal agencies have become dependent on computerized information systems and electronic data to carry out operations and to process, maintain, and report essential information.

The security of these systems and data is vital to public confidence and the nation’s safety, prosperity, and well-being.

Virtually all federal operations are supported by computer systems and electronic data, and agencies would find it difficult, if not impossible, to carry out their missions and account for their resources without these information assets. Hence, ineffective controls can result in significant risk to a broad array of government operations and assets.

For example:…

  • Sensitive information, such  as intellectual property and national security data, and personally identifiable information, such as taxpayer data, Social Security records, and medical records, could be inappropriately added to, deleted, read, copied, disclosed, or modified for purposes such as espionage, identity theft, or other types of crime.
  • Critical operations, such asthose supporting national defense and emergency  services, could be disrupted.
  • Data could be modified or destroyed for purposes of fraud or disruption.
  • Entity missions could be undermined by embarrassing incidents that result in diminished confidence in their ability to conduct operations and fulfil their responsibilities.”

Statement of Gregory C. Wilshusen,  Director,Information  Security Issues United States Government Accountability Office, Testimony to the President’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, 2016

STASH.global info sheet for Federal

Diminish your risk to cyber theft, interception, manipulation, extortion, and liability today. STASH the data that matters

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