Brillix have retained Prospect Theory to promote and assist with their expansion into the UK market.


Brillix are an established software house that focuses on database solutions, the mission statement of this innovative company is;

Preventing Organisation’s sensitive data leaking to unauthorised personnel


Their innovative solution, Jumble DB, detects and masks sensitive data.  It was developed in-house and is based on an in depth knowledge of & working with a range of ‘data’ orientated solutions covering: –

  • Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
  • Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata NoSQL Database Platforms
  • MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, Oracle NoSQL, HBase, Neo4j, Aerospike, Redis Data Security
  • Database and Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, Data Masking, Sensitive Data Mapping, Single Sign-On, Database Security Assessments
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Spark, Storm, Kafka, Pig, Elasticsearch, Graylog

Why Use Jumble?

The Answer;  Deliver cost savings, improve productivity, promote enhanced security and more rapidly deliver solutions to support the growth of your business.

1) Jumble DB is quick to deploy – beginning with a 3 minute install of both server and client software, it then automatically proceeds to the detection, classification and scrambling phases.

2) Jumble DB works across multiple databases – Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL & DB2-LUW & PostgreSQL.

3) Jumble DB is deployed within your company infrastructure on either a physical or virtual machine.

4) Jumble DB fully supports PCI-DSS, GLBA and GDPR compliance.

5) Jumble DB has many built in mechanisms based on rules and patterns – BUT is easily customised using a simple and intuitive UI.

6) Jumble DB promotes ‘Cross Database Masking’, allowing scrambled data to be consistent across tables on different databases and even different tables on different databases technologies.

7) Jumble DB is a highly performant solution, it uses your databases’ resources for ‘In-place masking’, i) this avoids transporting data over the network or outside of your environment, ii) significantly reduces the need for CPU, RAM & Disk resources and iii) uses each databases unique technologies for data manipulation (such as minimal logging, pre-allocation of storage, re-index data and constraint enforcement)

About Prospect Theory

We are a company that works with organisations wanting to expand and establish a presence in the UK or EMEA.  Our collective backgrounds are in IT sales, with significant experience of the UK, EMEA, US and APAC markets.  We have many years experience of promoting new technologies in both direct sales and partner lead activities.


Our aim is cost effectively work with out clients to promote their solutions and introduce them to potential customers.


Fieldhouse Solutions is working with Prospect Theory to bring new solutions into the UK, Irish and European marketplace


JumbleDB is a

customisable, data masking / data scrambling solution that provides end to end masking / obfuscating for ALL clients’ data needs


Its project-oriented approach

helps lower database masking project costs by providing sophisticated and simple to use tools that locates and masks (or scrambles) sensitive data, in non-production environments

The main challenge

in data masking projects is how to fully discover sensitive data and its’ referential integrity relations

JumbleDB offers

a unique detection module to map sensitive data across your on and off premise infrastructure

Oracle, SQL-Server, MySQL and DB2 (non-mainframe) wherever inter-related can all be masked using this powerful, flexible and simple to deploy tool



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