Billification: It’s a new noun: The process of establishing the truth, accuracy, or validity of your hosted services monthly bill

Ok, so although the word billification may not have a universally known, nor succinct definition, it certainly is well known within some of our clients

Billification is an amalgamation of two words commonly used in todays marketplace : –

1) “Bill” as in the “bill” you receive at the end of each monthly term that you need to pay to your hosted service provider

2) “Verification” as in the means that you have at your disposal to verify that the payment is a true reflection of your actual usage over the past period

What if I told you that in cases where our clients have outsourced some (or all) of their IT needs, when they called us in, we saved them £££££’s?

Organisations outsource for a myriad of reasons. Could be to move the asset off the balance sheet (CAPEX to OPEX) or access to the very latest technology (allow faster time to market) or the Chief Information Officer needs to focus more on Customer Service (reducing the ‘technical’ needs of the role)

Whatever the reason, they are almost always, at that point in time, the right thing for the company to do. Saving the company valuable time and effort in

Case study headlines

In one case, one client reduced outsourced run rate costs by 3 million pounds over three years and discovered 3.2 million pounds in erroneous billing

In another case, a client used our rightsizing services to avoid CAPEX costs of half a million pounds by redeploying existing infrastructure in a virtual environment

With our ICT Analytics services covering your File Allocation, Performance Analysis, Backup & Recovery Analysis and our Infrastructure Portals, do you think you could benefit from savings of these magnitudes

Below are a couple of the services for you to click through on

File Analysis Services

(FAS) collects system file information. This information is used to recommend areas where file system storage can be optimised enabling cost savings and system optimisation

Unstructured data has many attributes that can be collected and analysed to provide an accurate and clear picture to support an organisation’s data management decisions both in the short term, and more strategically

Performance Analysis Services

(PAS) collects system performance information. This information is used to recommend areas where systems are over (or under) provisioned, systems that would benefit from virtualisation and where ‘right-sizing’ would provide overall performance benefits

Services like this help address many of the issues for clients who are planning to virtualise their environments, or who already have either partly or fully virtualised infrastructures

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