Saving clients money and time on their IT infrastructure decisions – GCH Services


We save

our clients millions every year by applying our IT infrastructure capacity planning, retrospective right-sizing tools, and analysis services to clients and their infrastructures all over the world.

Our risk reward system

takes the guess work out of capacity planning while our tools use standard system commands to collect information.  All of this does not impact load or overhead to your systems.  Additionally, there is no need to install drivers nor more software

The information

is analysed and we provide you with the precise capacity that your systems need in two separate areas: –

  1. right now
  2. a forecast of expected growth

We then provide you with a cost savings analysis of the various benefits and how they will impact your spend and efficiency of investment (storage, compute, RAM etc.)

Our pedigree

includes many internationally recognised organisations, and companies behind hugely successful brands, helping to support their investment decisions and providing more insight than ever before.  These brands range from car manufacturers and components, global logistics to international brewing companies

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