Fieldhouse Solutions Limited has a number of affiliates

Below, you can see a selection of companies and trading styles (check back regularly as this list will update)



A simple way of hiring staff.  Offering clients a better service, for less money.  Give candidates  opportunity to provide information about themselves, and give decent feedback early in the process too.

We look at all the CVs submitted for each role, with our eyes….no scanning software here.

Everything you need to know about TAP’s for voice and data networks. Copper, fibre, mobile, portable, regeneration, network packet broker, PON, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet etc..

Tax relief on your research and development activities – no win, no fee backed by a series of questions with a real human (no robots here, either)



A website dedicated to a hobby of responsible drinking and an outlet for Easter beers



Want to know more about our affiliates or interested in becoming an affiliate?  Drop us a message below and we will get back to you

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