WireX Accelerate Incident Response

React quickly to security incidents with clear and complete intelligence

The Problem

Wasting time assembling packet data while missing vital information in the process

While every organization may expect a compromise, the key question is how fast the security team reacts once the attacker has crossed the first perimeter

The longer it takes to respond, the greater the risk of irreversible damage

The incident response process is heavily dependent on gathering details on the attack and when this information isn’t readily available and understood, or worst, doesn’t exist at all, the team will fail to mitigate the risk in time

The reality today is that even the most skilled professionals are frequently left blind

Log and event data provides very limited visibility into network activities

Solutions based on full packet capture are often restricted to merely several days’ retention periods, considering the costly storage requirements for a typical enterprise infrastructure

In the rare cases when the data is still there, response teams waste precious time digging through mountains of data in an attempt to reconstruct the evidence

The WireX Solution

React quickly to security incidents with clear and complete intelligence

With instant access to comprehensive intelligence, security professionals at any level can effectively and efficiently mitigate security incidents

The WireX Network Forensics Platform (NFP) continuously analyzes and extracts the full payload within enterprise network applications, ensuring all relevant data is readily available while dramatically increasing retention periods to a breakthrough magnitude gain over traditional solutions

In addition, WireX NFP integrates with existing SOC tools and workflows, so when a response process is triggered, incident responders are able to drill deeply and quickly into months of content-level information, and gain understanding into the full kill chain of the attack

Automate Data Collection and Analysis Efforts

Accelerating in-depth security investigations by doing all the heavy lifting of data analysis and providing a complete source of intelligence

25X More History than Traditional Solutions

Real-time content extraction and compression to dramatically increase retention periods, powered by WireX Contextual Capture™ technology

Powerful Access to Comprehensive Intelligence

Distributed architecture, designed to deliver true pervasive visibility into 100 Gbps networks, including the data center, perimeter and the corporate LAN, with advanced filtering capabilities for analyzing and/or capturing traffic selectively

Integration with SOC Tools and Workflows

Integration with leading SIEM and external enrichment tools, as well as forensics case management for sharing knowledge across team members