Welcome to our website and why are you here?

Fieldhouse Solutions Limited helps clients in several discrete areas

Personal development

for individual within corporate organisations, SMB’s and Public Sector.  We advise all levels of seniority and management with emphasis on “right skill, right person, right product”

Opportunity management

for sales pipeline that needs that extra level of qualification to deliver certainty of forecasting

Account management

for ensuring that the right message, gets to the right people, at the right time.  Working hand in hand with the client to understand their growth opportunities, and how to deploy the best available resources to meet operational and aspirational targets

  1. new products, to new customers
  2. new products, to existing customers
  3. existing products, to new customers
  4. existing products, to existing customers



Training individuals on account mapping and planning, models and terms of engagement, account planning, person skills and much more

What are the challenges

Finding or creating a compelling proposition and being able to communicate this effectively to the right people is a matter of defining the message.

Creating a simple iterative process of a compelling message, testing the message, delivering the message and amending it where needed


Management consulting

helping organisations improve performance with thorough analysis of the existing setup, authoring and sometimes deploying plans for improvement.

This covers all areas from CRM to internal and external messaging.  Case study requirements to job specification definition.  Interview techniques to personal development (mentoring) of management and staff


What can we do

is to act as an extension of your organisation and help you achieve your goals, from increased performance out of sales and account executives, reps on the road and from first level to top level management development

Our consultants can help you to understand yours and your customer’s needs better, define a contact plan to improve efficiency, and ultimately, more revenue, more mindshare and importantly, more relation ownership

We’ve helped organisations form marketing materials, developed new CRM methodologies and redeploy workforce activity matching their strengths and abilities to get more

Where else can we help?

Data Encryption

If you’re an IT pro and looking for a cost efficient and flexible, data encryption tool, have you heard of Digital Confetti by Stash.Global?

Stash.globalClick here to find out more about the amazing solutions of offer from stash.global, a uniquely weird method to encrypt data, across multiple platforms so that when your data is compromised, they wont be able to read it!



Security Forensics

If you work in Security Forensics and need access to some of the easiest to use, simple to deploy and hyper-scalable on and off premise solutions, have you heard of WireX Systems?


Click here to be taken to our showcase pages for Wirex and find out more about contextual capture, human readable information and four use cases covering lightning fast alert triage, incident response, custom application visibility and mitigating data theft


SAN, LAN and Cloud services

Provided to you by specialists in the field of Storage Area Networking, GCH Services in Slough, England.  Founded in 1993, this consultancy has saved some of the largest brands hundreds and thousands of £££’s on all things SAN, LAN and Cloud

Click hereGCH Logo to be taken to the showcase page for more information around GCH’s wide ranging portfolio including cloud, enterprise, datacentre and services


Networking hardware and software distribution

Sol Distribution is founded on integrity, honesty & activity, serving a mixed community of resellers and systems integrators across UK and Europe

That foundation is what make Sol Distribution one of the best value-added distributors of networking infrastructure solutions.   – click here for the showcase page

Data Masking

Data masking, or data obfuscation, is a smart method of creating a structurally similar and “inauthentic” version of real data.  This can then be used for purposes such as software testing and user training

Jumble DB is a data scrambling and masking tool that enables data owners, and data protection officers, to safely protect sensitive data in non-production environments

Jumble DB provides protection of real data while giving a functional substitute for occasions when real data is not needed.  Click here for the showcase page

Advertising Banners


Bannerflow provides your organisation with more control over your banner based alerts and advertising

Design and scale your own in house HTML5 banner to save huge amounts of time and money

Provide interactivity in near-real time and get your message out to more people (this is so much more than simple static banner adverts)

Click here to be taken to the showcase page



Fieldhouse Solutions Limited is a network of consultants that specialise in four distinct areas: –

  1. Personal development
  2. Opportunity management
  3. Account management
  4. Management consultation

Our consultants are experienced in fields that includes High Frequency Trading, FMCG, Gaming, Service Providers, Telecommunications, Distribution, Network Vendors, Enterprise, Finance, Transportation, Utilities, WiFi, VoIP, Oracle and Microsoft Database and Security.

Our specialists provide guidance and advice on all matters from personal career development to sales pipeline, account management to product supply

We help you find ways how to get better results from key members of staff to provide your organisation with methods and tools to give insights into behaviours, with a focus on successful outcomes, that your business needs

We know people and we know about people and if we do not know the solution to your issue, we will know somebody who does (and we don’t mind asking questions)

Acting as an embedded partner with your sales and management team, Fieldhouse Solutions consultants are an extension of your efforts to acquire, retain and grow customers, create pipeline and improve areas for concern

We are a global network of consultants that provides market specific sales specialisms to industries, vendors, systems integrators, channel partners and distribution companies

Highly skilled individuals from a mixed background allows us to place the right person with the right skills at the right time into your organisation

Our aim is to help you increase profitability, market share and customer satisfaction while driving down costs and risk to your business




Private: How we do it


  • We like to ask lots of questions about your business needs and where the organisation needs to move to

By doing so, we can build up a picture of what success looks like to you and put in place steps to achieve the goals