Not Better Security.  Bona Fide Security.  

We are living in a world of cyber security smoke and mirrors.

Your data is as vulnerable.  The defensive, analytical, predictive, reactive tools in use only fence data in.

As we all know, good fences make good neighbours, however, they also have holes (the fences, that is).

These fences may keep novice cybercriminals and algorithms out.  The kinds that you can buy off the internet for £135.00.

But, what about those that are a little more versed in the art of hacking? 

Well, we all know there’s only so much a fence can keep out.

STASH is a scalable, flexible, feature rich and all round weird solution.  

You can add STASH to your existing security infrastructure, or use it on it’s own.

STASH is a revolution in data security.  It turns data into unreadable, unstealable DigitalConfetti™.

This is security that doesn’t need a fence – this security stays with the data.  

 How does stash do it? 

Step 1
Separates your most valuable data from your everyday data.
Step 2
Encrypts the data with the most secure encryption available, and parses it into tiny pieces.
Step 4
Scatters multiple copies of each piece far and wide,
on-cloud or off.
Step 4
Pieces are sequestered and secure, retrieved and reassembled by permission only, with one-time-use keys.


What About Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a critical part of the security landscape.

In addition to cybercriminals, employees are carrying out a significant percentage of data theft.

Knowing when somebody is who they claim they are,  has become more accurate.

STASH utilizes Multi Factor Authentication that requires five factors, one of them a digital imaging match up between a user’s phone and their computer.

It makes accessing company data without permission difficult.


What About The Keys?

Some security or hosting organisations claims to secure and protect critical data and they do this very well.

However, they hold the keys and that means  ANYBODY at that company  (or any other 3rd party that works with them), can compromise your data.

STASH has developed a technology called Keys-On-The-Fly™ that solves this problem.  This is patent pending.

STASH do not hold the keys, STASH do not know what they are, not can STASH get them and can’t get to them.  (Neither can anyone else.)


When Stash is deployed, and adversaries break in:

The Results You Want. The Outcome You Need.

  • They will only find pieces of unuseable data
  • They won’t know how many pieces make a whole 
  • They won’t know where those other  pieces are
  • They won’t know who the pieces belong to
  • They will not be able to  manipulate or destroy the data
  • They will walk away empty-handed

Your organization will have successfully avoided losing 37% of your customers after your breach is reported*

You will not have caused 54% of yourcustomers to lose faith in your brand and always be looking to leave*

Your CEO and Board will not have to worry about going to jail*
You will have successfully avoided fines per breach of 4% of your annual revenue, or $20 million dollars, whichever is more*
Your employees, the source of an est. 33% of data theft, will be thwarted from stealing your data*


*3Q 2016 Ponemon Institute study on data theft damage

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